strawberry jam

Posted July 23, 2020
Serves: 10
Time: 60 mins

This recipe for homemade strawberry jam will taste like you wouldn’t believe! Try it with Sousou; we guarantee you that your kids will fall in love with it!


1 kilo strawberries

750 g powdered sugar

1 lemon, juiced

How to Cook:

Cut the strawberries into pieces.

Place the strawberries in a big bowl. Then, cover them with the powdered sugar and pour the lemon juice over them.

Cover the bowl and keep in the fridge overnight so that the juices are released.

The next day, wash 3 jars and pour boiling water over them. Turn them onto a towel to dry.

Drain the strawberries in a strainer and collect the juice. Pour the juice into a big pot.

Place the pot on the stove and let the juice boil for 10 minutes. Take the foam off with a skimmer every time foam appears.

Add the strawberries and continue to cook for 20 minutes.

Place one spoonful into a plate and put it in the fridge for 15 minutes. Take it out, wait 1 minute then tilt the plate and verify if the jam is cooked. If it slides, continue cooking for 5 more minutes.

Using a ladle, pour the hot jam into the jars. Clean the edges and close the jars. Turn them upside down and leave until cool.

2 jars.

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