fatayer spinach

Posted July 23, 2020
Serves: 8
Time: 75 mins

Who can resist those golden crispy Spinach Fatayer! How about a specially catered recipe from Sousou's kitchen offering her secrets to a smooth and thin Fatayer dough and a filling infused with the traditions and ways of the authentic kitchen.


1½ kilos spinach, cut into small pieces (asd,asdasd,asd)

3 medium diced onions

4 lettuce leaves, cut into small pieces

¼ bunch parsley, minced

¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon sumac

salt and pepper to taste

3 tablespoons olive oil

½ cup lemon juice

1 teaspoon citric acid (hamod el laymoun)


3 cups flour

½ teaspoons  instant yeast

¼ teaspoons salt

¼ teaspoon sugar

3 tablespoons olive oil

¾ cups water

How to Cook:


Wash the Spinach and put it in a strainer. Pour the boiled water over the spinach and set aside until it cools. Squeeze the spinach well until water is fully drained.

Place ½ teaspoon of salt on the lettuce and squeeze them dry.

Mix the onion with the salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and sumac. Squeeze dry.

In a bowl, combine the spinach, lettuce and parsley. Then, add the onions, oil, lemon and citric acid. Mix well.


Combine the flour, salt and sugar in a bowl. Make a hole in the center and pour in the instant yeast. Then, add the olive oil. Next, gradually add the water and knead it to form the dough. If the dough is too stiff, add some more water.

Put the dough on a floured work surface. Knead it until it becomes smooth. If it is still too stiff, add some more water.

Divide the dough into 4 balls. Cover with a cling film and cloth and let it rest for 2 hours.


Roll out the dough on a floured table until it is thin. Cut it using a rounded cookie cutter. To create circles.

In each circle, add one tablespoon of the spinach filling. Take 3 sides of the circle and pull them together to form a triangle. Press the edges firmly.

Place them on an oiled tray.

Bake them in the oven until golden.

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