mashed potatoes with minced meat

Posted July 23, 2020
Serves: 6
Time: 45 mins

Our tables are known for their unrivaled variety of assortments and side dishes such as hummus and mezze. Sousou went for something special as usual, granting you the chance to prepare the great Mashed Potatoes with Minced meat for a change!


8 medium potatoes

1 cup milk

50 g melted butter

salt to taste


200 g minced meat

2 medium onions, diced

2 tablespoons oil

½ cup fried pine nuts

1 tablespoon sumac

½ teaspoon powdered cinnamon

salt and pepper to taste

How to Cook:


 On the stove, boil the potatoes in a pot for 20 minutes or until soft.

Peel the potatoes and mash them using the manual grinder.

Place them on the stove over medium heat. Gradually add the milk, melted butter and salt. Keep stirring. If the potatoes are stiff, add milk.


In a pot on the stove, fry the onions with oil until they change color. Then, add the meat and stir until the water evaporates. Next, add salt, pepper, sumac and cinnamon. Lastly add the pine nuts.

To serve:

Put five tablespoons of mashed potatoes on a plate and make a hole in the middle. Place two tablespoons of the meat mixture in the hole.

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