paella, tunisian way

Posted July 23, 2020
Serves: 10
Time: 30 mins

You might have prepared Paella before, but this Tunisian recipe will win over with its fabulous flavors. The seafood, vegetables and rice come together into a special dish that no one can resist.


500 g white rice

1 green, 1 yellow, 1 red & 1 orange peppers, sliced thin

300 g fresh calamari

300 g white fish

400 g cleaned shrimps (medium size)

7 pieces jumbo shrimps (for decoration)

1 mix bag frozen fish

1 Bag frozen shrimps (optional)

1 Bag frozen crab (optional)

200 g frozen peas

5 Big tomatoes

1 chicken breast, cut into small pieces (optional)

3 gloves garlic, smashed

1 Cup olive oil

coriander, salt, pepper, saffron , 2 bay leaves & cumin

How to Cook:

Boil the medium size shrimps (with the skin) for 10 minutes. Keep the shrimps stock aside, then, peel the skin.

Fry all the peppers with olive oil for 5 minutes and set aside.

Fry the calamari with the garlic. Set aside.

Peel the tomatoes & cut them in tiny pieces. Place them in a large paella pan & put on the stove.

Add salt, pepper and saffron, cumin & coriander. Lastly, add one cup of shrimps stock. Let them simmer on low heat until the sauce thickens and the tomatoes are cooked.

Add the white fish, bag of frozen fish, frozen peas, frozen shrimps, chicken into the tomato mix.

Add the rice, spread it all around the paella pan. Mix all the ingredients gently. (Add shrimps stock if necessary). Place the 5 pieces of jumbo on top. Cover the pan with aluminum foil and make 5 holes with a fork.

Place in oven for 30 minutes or until the rice is cooked. Add shrimps stock if necessary.

Make sure to keep moist but don’t over add water

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